Kaimai Bindery
Standard service is 3 to 5 days. Once your thesis has been bound you can either collect it from us in person or we can arrange delivery.

Our regular hard binding is bound to your university specifications. The books are usually lettered in gold foil but we also have silver and coloured foils as well. All our binding are carried out to exacting standards by highly experienced craftsmen. Books are bound using the "Lumbeck" method. The high level we offer can make a real difference to the final result of your work. All Kaimai Bindery books are bound in Arbelave® Library Buckram (cloth) unless specified.  
Things you need to be aware of before printing your Thesis

Ordinary photocopying paper binds very well and strong. You may wish to use a slightly heavier weight paper, Kaimai Bindery recommends 100 gsm. - but avoid using any paper that is too heavy.

void any printer/copier that warps your pages  this is a common problem. if the pages are "wavey" then they will be bound wavey and will not flatten out over time. Also avoid any printer that allows ink to smudge.